Friday, 4 July 2008

Minerals Quarrying & Recycling Magazine (MQR)

The OCC Planning Committee meeting took place on 19th May. This article, published by the MQR magazine two days later, clearly reflects the view that the decision has already been made.

What happened to the resolution at the meeting "to defer the application to the July meeting in order to consider the application in conjunction with West Oxfordshire District Council's final report on the 2007 summer floods?"

EA gives green light to Hanson Northmoor

Issue date: May 21st, 2008

The Environment Agency (EA) has backed Hanson Aggregates’ proposals to extract 1.55million tonnes of sand and gravel from Stonehenge Farm in the Northmoor area of Oxford.

Development of the site has been objected to by West Oxfordshire District Council and pressure groups on the grounds that it would pose a flood risk to the area.

However, the EA feels that the work carried out by Hanson to address the environment body’s initial concerns over flood risks and hydrology has been sufficient to allow it to give the project the green light.

The site is in the Windrush area which is rich in sharp sand and gravel deposits, material Oxfordshire’s Minerals and Waste Development Framework says is greatly needed in the area.

It predicts between 13.7million tonnes of sharp sand and gravel will be needed to 2019 with 24.3million tonnes being needed to meet demand through to 2026. Permitted reserves at the end of 2005 numbered 6.07million tonnes.

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