Wednesday, 9 July 2008


This application to extract 1.55 million tonnes of sand and gravel from the Stonehenge Farm site over 8 years was deferred to the OCC Planning Committee meeting at County Hall on 21st July to allow time for the Committee to study the Environment Agency’s response to WODC’s Final Report on the July 2007 flooding in this area.

The WODC report on Northmoor Parish was published on 4th June. It included a requirement for the EA to undertake a full flood zone modelling study and also Hanson and the EA to prepare a satisfactory flood defence solution.

We have learned that the WODC final report is now not due until September. It appears that the EA has closed its consultation. Despite this, Stonehenge Farm will still be on the agenda for the OCC meeting on 21st July.

Please come to County Hall at 2pm on the 21st July to witness the proceedings.

If you have strong views on this application, NOW is the time to write to:

* Our local papers - Oxford Times, Oxford Mail & Witney Gazette

* Our local MP, Rt Hon David Cameron (

* Our local Councillors on the Planning and Regulation Committee (see below).

NB. When writing to the Councillors, please ask them to forward your letter to their nominated substitute in the event that they are unable to attend the meeting on the 21st July.

Councillor Steve Hayward <>
(Chairman) (Witney West)

Councillor Mrs Catherine Fulljames <>
(Deputy Chairman) (Ploughley)

Councillor David Turner <>

Councillor Don Seale <>

Councillor Timothy Hallchurch MBE <>
(Otmoor & Kirtlington)

Councillor G A Reynolds, Grange Farm, Malthouse Lane, Shutford,
Banbury, Oxon OX15 6PB <>

Councillor Hilary Hibbert-Biles <>
(Chipping Norton)

Councillor David Nimmo-Smith <>
(Henley North & Chilterns)

Councillor Ray Jelf <>

Councillor Chip Sherwood <>

Councillor Terry Joslin <>
(Didcot South)

Councillor Barbara Gatehouse <>
(Leys & Lye)

Councillor Alan Armitage <>
(West Central Oxford)

Councillor Jenny Hannaby <>
(Grove & Wantage)

Councillor Michael Gibbard <>
(Kidlington & Yarnton)

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