Monday, 7 July 2008

"Common Sense" is added to the debate ...

I was present at the planning meeting on 19th May 2008 and it is important to remember, with regard to this application, that it is planning law which will determine it. Sometimes planning law can be as clear as the mud the developers seek to remove here; however, the submissions by Col Terry Kirkpatrick (representing Moreton), Robert Florey (Chairman of Northmoor Parish Council) and Julie Hankey (Chair, OUTRAGE) shed commendably clear light on the planning issues that matter and should be read carefully.
But the voice of common sense sounds loudly here too. Above all else, in an age where many a headline trumpets the perils of flood risk where recent evidence let alone future predictions are so compellingly and chillingly clear, why consciously add to those risks?
This application does just that. It fails the common sense tests first and foremost. It should not be permitted and I add my name and all my energies to seeing that it does not.
J Spring

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