Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Message from Outrage

OCC Planning Committee meeting at County Hall, Westgate, Oxford, on July 21st at 2pm.

The Stonehenge Farm application will be on the Agenda of the OCC Planning Committee meeting on July 21st, and the County Council intends to reach a decision at that meeting.

PLEASE COME TO THIS MEETING IF YOU POSSIBLY CAN, EVEN IF YOU CAN'T STAY TO THE END. As soon as the agenda is published, we can get a better idea of when the item will come up, and people can plan their afternoon accordingly.

We made a big impact last time, and WE MUST DO IT AGAIN ON A LARGER SCALE. It will be our last chance. The councillors need to be made aware of how strongly we feel. The floodrisk, the noise and dust, the conveyor crossing, the heavy traffic, the destruction of the countryside - we have seen it all up and down the Windrush Valley for years. This is where it must stop.


It would be great if you could confirm you are planning to come along to the meeting on July 21st (outrage@thegreen.co.uk) (or not) to help us gauge our numbers, support etc. We hope as many residents as possible do come along, please don’t leave it to your neighbour, come along yourself. Thank you for your support.

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