Monday, 21 July 2008

Another Letter to Councillors

Dear Councillor

I have lived in Northmoor for 20 years and have observed the very noticeable and obvious increase in the frequency and severity of flooding in and around the village during that time. Last July, after just one day of heavy rain, the village suffered the worst flooding I have witnessed. Fortunately my house did not flood. My neighbour, who has lived in his house for 48 years, did flood – for the first time during his time in his home.

There has to be a root cause for the changes to the flood levels and frequency. To the villagers the reasons are obvious – and are very well articulated by the letter you received from Graham last Thursday. I sincerely hope you have read his letter because it puts our concerns so clearly and I wholeheartedly endorse and support his views. I saw the dramatic volume of water that flowed in a torrent across the Stonehenge site when the Windrush burst its banks and millions of gallons of water were held back on the “safe” side of the flood bank. Would the proposed gravel workings and bunds improve the flow of water when the Windrush bursts its banks – I think not.

To save your valuable time I will not reiterate all the points Graham made to you but I implore you to seriously consider what he said and to understand the damage that will be done to our community if the proposed development at Stonehenge Farm goes ahead.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please also take time to consider the critically important decision you will make on Monday.

Sent in by Peter Winder, Northmoor

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