Thursday, 5 June 2008

Park Farm Estate, Northmoor

These photos are typical of the way this week’s flooding adversely impacts the various businesses trading at Park Farm, Northmoor. They are just a few from a substantial collection built up over the last few years...

Question: "Re Yesterday's Rain - I would like to know if any property in the village suffered from floodwater as a result of yesterday's heavy rain?" Michael Ryan, Parish Clerk, Northmoor

Answer: "Michael - I was at Park Farm yesterday with Steve Good and can confirm that all the business premises were flooded. One tenant complained that he has been flooded five times in the past eighteen months and on a number of occasions, including yesterday, there has been raw sewage (see photos below) from the village floating around. Insurance claims have recently been settled amounting to hundreds of thousands of pounds. I have photos of the flooding on Tuesday evening." Peter Jones, Standlake

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