Tuesday, 10 June 2008

A Northmoor Resident appeals to the EA

After the publication by WODC of the Parish Flood Report on Northmoor, Mr Stuart Cope, a resident in the Standlake Road, Northmoor, wrote on 9th June to Mr Martin Long, Planning Liaison Team Leader for the Thames West Area of the Environment Agency, as follows:

"I have been asked to copy you in on the flooding situation last week.

After the prolonged rain on Tuesday last week I was quite alarmed how quickly the water table rose. We only had around 2-3 inches of rain in our area and this was below the July 2007 rainfall. Within 8 hours of persistent rain the sewage System in Northmoor ceased to work efficiently and the water was bubbling out of the manholes and seeping out of the walls around our house. Fortunately we have taken steps to combat this and we prevented the water from flooding the house again after July 22/07. This is now the 4th time in just under 1 year that this has happened and never in the last 5 years of living at the property.

It is with this is mind that I am very concerned about the potential excavation of gravel from the Stonehenge Site which is in very close proximity to
our property. I have been unable to confirm if the application were granted, if this would make the situation worse in the short or long term. The village of Northmoor is sandwiched between both the Windrush and the Thames and the possibility of gravel excavation seems in my opinion absurd given the complex flows of the ditches and drainage channels that exist within the area in order to aid the flow of water away to the Thames. Before gravel excavation could even be considered we need to have a 100% guarantee that the excavation will not affect this situation for the immediate and long term future of the village and its properties.

I hope my requests and email will be considered."

Kind regards

Stuart Cope

Managing Director

Margaret L Johnson Ltd

Mr Cope received the following reply on 10th June from Mr Long:

"Thank you for your email.

The Environment Agency (EA) has been consulted on this proposal and we have given our formal response to Oxfordshire County
Council (OCC), who are the decision making body. This concludes the EA's involvement in the planning process. You will be able to log onto the OCC website and look up all the details of this application, including the current status of the application. The application will be presented to the Council members in July for a decision. Members of the general public are given an opportunity to comment on any proposal and this should be made formally to the relevant council.

I note the contents of your email and will forward it to my contact at OCC for their information."

Kind regards

Martin Long

Planning Liaison Team Leader
Thames West Area

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