Monday, 15 September 2008

Countryside Alliance CE speaks out on Flooding

Flooding should be treated on the same level as terrorism or a flu pandemic

The official Government report into the 2007 floods, led by Sir Michael Pitt, suggested the much needed infrastructure that will reduce the impact of flooding - but this could take months, even years to implement. While medium and long-term plans must be put in place to ensure adequate defences, it is in the short term that the misery is most apparent. The Pitt report suggests that flooding should be treated on the same level as terrorism or a flu pandemic. Fair, when you consider the floods of 2007 were not only the most serious inland flooding that England and Wales had experienced since 1947, but were ranked as the most financially costly floods in the world for that year.
With over 11,000 people still living in temporary accommodation owing to 2007's floods, we can ill afford this latest blow. Rural Britain's tenacity is being tested to the limit, and supporting our communities has never been more important.
Simon Hart
Chief Executive

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