Saturday, 24 May 2008

Oxford Times Features Gravel

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Michael in Northmoor writes:

"West Oxfordshire's report on last year's flooding is expected to say that the Environmrent Agency's failure to maintain the rivers in Northmoor contributed to the flooding.
What reliance can Northmoor place on the Environment Agency to give the right advice on the effect of this Application on flooding in Northmoor in the future?"

Matthew in Stanton Harcourt writes:

"This is only one of a whole range of applications that are being made or prepared for the area around Stanton Harcourt, Northmoor and Eynsham. The cumulative impact of all these workings or proposed workings around and along the Windrush valley is hugely increasing the risk of substantial flooding.

Flooding that ruins homes and makes people's lives miserable.

Gravel extraction should not be concentrated in this way in one single area."

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