Tuesday, 27 May 2008


The application remarks that "there has been some local opposition" and cites some of the issues raised by that local opposition. These include:
o the effects of noise
o the effects of dust
o the effects of visual intrusion on the amenity of the local area
o the cumulative effects of sand and gravel working in the area
o the impact on public rights of way
o concerns about traffic
o concerns about flooding
o concerns about ground water
o impacts on ecology
o impacts on archaeology
o the effect on the landscape

Annex 3 is however more specific and cites many more reasons for local opposition to the application. During the 2007 Consultation period these included:
  • Flooding/Adverse impact on groundwater
  • Noise Pollution
  • Cumulative impact on the area
  • Increase in traffic on local roads
  • Damage to landscape character
  • Impact on rights of way and access
  • Dust Nuisance
  • Impact on archaeology
  • Impact on wildlife
  • Impact on horse riding – disturbance from noise and conveyor
  • Development should not be described as an extension
  • Does not comply with planning policies
  • Impact on Northmoor Conservation Area
  • Loss of farmland
  • Creation of an industrial wasteland
  • Danger to children
  • Hedge removal
  • Proximity of development to residential dwellings
  • Development would set a precedent
  • The path next to the conveyor will be dangerous
  • The conveyor crossing under the road is unacceptable
  • Lack of communication and information from the applicant
  • Effect on property values
  • Inadequate restoration proposals
  • Loss of woodland
  • Mud on the road
  • Impact on tourism
  • Routeing agreement has been ignored
  • Noise or dust from the conveyor
  • Impact of conveyor on scheduled ancient monument
  • Wetland restoration would have an impact on the climate

During the 2008 Consultation period, following the submission of additional information and the revised Environmental Statement (ES), these included:
  • Cumulative impact on the area/Too many lakes in area
  • Impact on rights of way and access
  • Damage to landscape character
  • Noise
  • Dust Nuisance
  • Impact on Northmoor Conservation Area
  • Disturbance from the conveyor including noise and impact on bridleway.
  • Impact on archaeology
  • Impact on wells
  • Impact on ecology
  • Afteruse not satisfactory/appropriate
  • Disturbance to beauty/peace of area
  • Traffic
  • Destruction of woodland
  • Routeing agreement has been ignored
  • Lack of public access to restored site
  • The access is a dangerous road junction
  • Impact on water quality in rivers
  • Development may cause adjacent farmland to become virtually unfarmable
  • Damage to local roads from gravel lorries
West Oxfordshire District Council has objected strongly to the application. Their concerns include issues such as flooding, recycling existing resources, HGV traffic and cumulative impact.

The WODC Environmental Health Officer has requested conditions to cover dust, noise & domestic water supplies.

Northmoor Parish Council has objected.

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